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Smile (2014)

24m 06s







Luke Mordue

Natasha Branson, Luke Mordue, Nathaniel Francis

Luke Mordue

Shining a light on mental illness in an accessible style, ‘Smile’ works toward eradicating the ignorance and stigma that still surrounds mental health problems worldwide. We hope that one day, mental well-being will be valued, and those who do suffer from mental illnesses will be treated with compassion and understanding.


It’s time we all realised that depression and anxiety would not go away with a simple smile.

Smile Poster
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Behind the Scenes

'Originally intended to be a companion piece for the fundraising aspect of a feature film on the subject of mental illness we were working on back in 2014. Smile is a simple, low-key short film that has, thankfully, resonated with a wide audience. 

In 2014 it was the winner of the 'Audience Choice Award' at the Mind Rights Film Festival in Portugal, voted for by key workers from around the world in the mental health community.'

A still image from the short documentary 'Smile'
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