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Through the intertwining of animation and interviews, 'The Minds of Others' brings to life the moving experiences of six unique individuals, each diagnosed with a different mental health disorder. 


Amongst the stories of confusion, and hope, professionals battle to answer some of our long-standing questions about the very nature of mental illness. With all the debates and discussions that so often occur, are we focusing enough on the individuals themselves?

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Here is an ever-growing list of my previous work as a Writer, Director, & Producer. Many past projects have been short films, although feature films have been my main focus in recent years.


You can find out more information on each project by clicking the poster; here, you'll also find Trailers and full synopsis. On some, you will even be able to watch the full short film. Much of the work was done through a company I founded and continued throughout my 20s which has now ended.

If you wish to find a full list of my works, including small roles in acting, times I've worked as an editor and more, then visit my IMDb page below.

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