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With a profound personal journey through severe mental health challenges I have never shied away from, I now use these experiences to try and help others who may be facing similar struggles through empathy and perspective. Due to my personal experiences, I sought out a greater understanding of the human mind, leading to many meetings with incredible psychologists and psychiatrists up and down the country. From this, I have directed two documentaries on mental illness, one short film that was awarded the ‘audience award’ at the ‘Mind Rights Film Festival’ and the second being a feature-length production coming this summer. 

I have been honoured to give talks and answer queries during live Q&As with several companies across the USA and UK, where I blend my understanding of psychology with my personal experiences to ensure things are clear and to the point in a way that we can all understand. The intention for this is not just to create a more informed and empathetic society but also to show people that how they may feel does not make them crazy; it makes them human.

Luke Mordue
Luke Mordue


With over 2 million downloads and more than 600 five-star reviews, my Urban Legends podcast has elevated further than I ever anticipated. Now, I have been privileged enough to be asked to deliver talks on Cruise Ships across Europe, sharing my love for these incredible stories as society begins to re-learn our culture’s folklore. 


What draws me into these tales are not just the stories themselves but the rich historical context they provide, the cultural insights, and the variations that bring these legends to life. I feel lucky to have the loyal following my show has brought, and whether it be through this show or these public talks, I am honoured to reignite the fire under these folkloric tales, one story at a time. 


If you would like to discuss the potential for a talk, whether in person or online, then feel free to get in touch using the form below. I'm always open to discussing possibilities. 

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Luke Mordue
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